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Brass Band Contest
Friday 28th May 2010
Friday 17th June 2011

The Saddleworth brass band contests take place every Whit Friday, commencing in the late afternoon and continuing on until late in the evening. Whit Friday is the premier day of Saddleworth’s year; this religious feast of Whitsun, also known as Pentecost, generally falls in late May or early June.

Brass bands are a long standing part of Saddleworth’s culture and the orgin of the contest dates back to 1884. Ever since 1884, public reverence and prize money have been the incentives for an ever growing number of brass bands to march and play for the inhabitants of Saddleworth every year.

Nowadays the contests take place in over 20 different locations around Saddleworth and its surrounding areas and regularly attracts 100 or so bands as entrants. The judges sit in a nearby building or caravan with the windows open, but curtains or shutters drawn so that bands are judged indiscriminantly.

It is a great opportunity to hear some of the country’s best brass bands at varying venues, from the bustling high street in Delph upto the more intimate village green of Dobcross.

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