Recreation in Saddleworth

Throughout the year there is always something to celebrate in Saddleworth, from the traditional walks of Christian witness at Whitsuntide, the cultural Festival of Arts - incorporating a varied programme of national culture and local achievements, and the charity fundraising and crowd entertaining Beer Walk - a sponsored event for various charities which is great fun for spectators and participants.

A traditional walk of Christian witness known as the Whit Walks is undertaken by all Saddleworth churches each May. The day continues with Saddleworth's renowned Whit Friday Brass Band Contests where regional, national and international brass bands compete in the Saddleworth villages, each crowded with spectators.

At the Rushcarts festival Morris Men celebrate as the rushes are taken to Saddleworth parish church and the Saddleworth Folk Festival aims to attract top folk performers to Saddleworth.

The Saddleworth Canal Festival takes place each Spring, originally celebrating 200 years of canal history.

Explore the pages on the left to find out more about the many Saddleworth festivals which give the area much of its colour.

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