Saddleworth in the Community

Denshaw is one of the more far flung Saddleworth villages. Its centre lies on a junction between 5 roads, the crossing point of two major trans-Pennine routes, where the Junction Inn dominates. Formerly a coaching house on the packhorse routes where horses could be rested and changed, the inn still serves travellers today, sitting at Saddleworth's gateway to the M62.

Formerly home to woollen and cotton mills, print works and even coal mining activity, Denshaw's primary appeal for visit are the reservoirs which provided power for these buildings during the Industrial Revolution. Despite its relatively small size, Denshaw's community spirit prevails in the school, shop and church.

Moving out of the centre, up the valley, the ancient hamlet of Denshaw Fold is still evident today. A very old area, first settled in the 16th century still mainly consists of traditional listed stone cottages and pastoral farms. Add a couple of perfectly situated restaurants and a Llama farm into the mix and Denshaw provides a tranquil setting for a busy day of walking and dining.

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