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The recreation and entertainment to be found in Saddleworth has aged well, with many activities still being as common today as they were at the turn of the century. In an area shaped so much by its landscape, it is no surprise that many popular local activities, such as walking and canal cruising, are still undertaken by a vast number of people every year.

It is the strength and continuity of many customs here which give the area so much of its colour, perhaps setting it apart from other rural communities where these traditions have been forgotten. The Whit Friday Walks, brass band competitions, Rushcart festival and traditional English folk music all flourish with pride here.

Search through our links on this site to find the best ways to explore the wild open moors and skies of Saddleworth, relax with good food and drink, browse the quaint craft shops, discover the history and heritage of the area and get yourself involved in the colourful festivals.

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