Saddleworth in the Community
Ask anyone why they enjoy living in Saddleworth and the chances are that in addition to the scenery and landscape, many will also mention the strong sense of community and vibrancy of village life here.

Saddleworth is no longer as remote as it once was. Many houses have been built and numerous ‘comers-in’ have arrived over the past twenty years to add to the rich diversity of life here. Each village still retains its own distinct identity and the traditional centres of focus - church, school, pub and shop are all still as important as they have always been. Proposals to introduce franchises or supermarkets into the villages have always been met with fierce opposition by inhabitants who, quite rightly argue, will detract from the community spirit that has crafted Saddleworth into how it appears today.

The richness and variety of organisations and clubs found in Saddleworth has to be explored to be appreciated. Some are linked to institutions like school and churches, still strong influences in the community. Others are founded on common interests such as sports, music or art and then there are those that draw their reason and inspiration from local tradition, landscape or heritage. In such an isolated area, it is a delight to see common interests shared with so much enthusiasm and friendliness.
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