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Fish.Net Ltd is responsible for materials under the and domains. The Saddleworth domains are online communities with many entities contributing to the content. Material within the Saddleworth domains contains links to external locations outside of the Saddleworth domains. Any material which is not provided by Fish.Net is provided and maintained by third parties, and Fish.Net assumes no responsibility for such material. The existence of a Link to an external location is not an endorsement or approval by Fish.Net of any material to be found in these external locations.

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Saddleworth Business Directory
The content of the Saddleworth Business Directory has been compiled by the Saddleworth Business Association over a period of time and the SBA concedes that some of the information may be out of date. To make amendments to Business Directory entries, please use the Contact Page. Whilst every care has been taken, neither Saddleworth Business Association nor Fish.Net accepts any liability whatever for errors or omissions nor for any statements provided by others and published in good faith.

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Any goods and services offered in this publication are offered by individual businesses. Please contact the individual businesses concerned directly to further discuss supplies either within and outside the UK and EC jurisdictions. This publication is provided for information only and does not constitute any form of contract. All aspects of this publication are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Liability Statement
This publication contains general information about Saddleworth. It does not give professional advice nor does it make or give any representation or warranty about any matter whatsoever. Specific professional advice should be sought in relation to any proposed action.

Many thanks to Malcolm Seton of the Oldham Photographic Society who kindly supplied many of the photographs used within the Web site.

Saddleworth Business Association
The SBA provided the data for the Business Directory and support, encouragement and enthusiasm whilst the project developed.

Fish.Net Ltd
Thanks to all the team at Fish.Net who have contributed their various talents and spent much of their own time in realising the vision of the virtual Saddleworth. The project is on-going - so the story will not stop here!

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