Saddleworth in the Community

Clough Lane in Grasscroft is one of Saddleworth's original settlements, with some captivating examples of traditional Saddleworth architecture, such as the weavers cottages of Nettle Hole. It forms the very earliest constructions of Grasscroft. In stark contrast, the houses built on Oldham Road in Grasscroft are typical examples of 1930's and 40's architecture, unusual for Saddleworth but not obviously out of place.

Both Oldham Road and Mossley Road, meeting at the Farrars Arms junction, were originally turnpike roads. Whilst Old Lane in Grasscroft predates these as one of the ancient routes through Saddleworth.

The Farrars Arms itself is around 300 years old, becoming a licensed property in the mid 18th century. Standing on the site of the original Shaw Hall, it takes its name from the Farrar family who at the time were Lords of the Manor.

In common with most of the other Saddleworth stations, Grasscroft Halt Station was closed in May 1955. It was located not far from the Lydgate Portal Tunnel on the railway line from Greenfield to Manchester.

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