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Greenfield contains several landmarks and vistas which illustrate Saddleworth’s varied history and attractions. As with most viallages, its original historic settlements such as Hawkyard and Fern Lee sit on the hillside overlooked by the War Memorial at Pots & Pans. Kinders Lane is part of an ancient route which traversed Saddleworth, leading past St Chad’s Church and over Standedge to Huddersfield.

High Kinders and Bunkers are excellent examples of domestic stone weaving cottages. Saddleworth's Industrial heritage shines through in and around Greenfield, with Greenfield Mill standing tall as one of the larger woollen mills. Hey Top is also still there, at the time nicknamed "Forty Row". This was a set of 20 back-to-back Cottar houses, hence accomodating 40 families, constructed for the Mill employees and their families.

Greenfield's surrounding landscape attracts many visitors today, fostering a modest and unobtrusive tourist industry. Dovestones Reservoir, completed in 1967, is a popular site to visit; drawing people to enjoy its views whilst walking, cycling, sailing or just relaxing. Greenfield also boasts other recreational establishments such as Boarshurst Band, The Health and Fitness Club and the Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

The War Memorial, visible on the skyline from most places in Saddleworth, is located on the hill above Greenfield. Constructed in 1923, the site is known locally as Pots and Pans - deriving its name from a set of rocks at the top which is said to resemble a collection of pots and pans. The Remembrance Service held up here each November is an incredibly moving occasion, made all the more solemn and meaningful when the bugle starts up with The Last Post.

Greenfield is one of the villages which shares its border with Yorkshire; in fact Road End is so called because this branch of Standedge and Oldham Turnpike Road originally terminated by the King William IV (King Bill). Once past The Clarence public house, the Isle of Skye road climbs up past Dovestones to traverse the miles of empty moorland, eventually reaching Holmfirth.

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