Discover Saddleworth’s rich, local history on these Heritage pages, forged from its busy industrial and agricultural past. The predominance today of the stone weavers cottages demonstrates the importance of the early textile industry, eventually overshadowed by the development of the mills. This industrial heritage shapes today’s area and most of the population strive to keep any new developments consistent with traditional architecture whilst old mills are respectfully converted into homes and apartments.

Given Saddleworth’s remote terrain, one can marvel at the efforts made to travel through Saddleworth by road, rail and the canals to link the major northern cities. Saddleworth Viaduct proudly stands as a major feat of local engineering which bears the railway line, whilst the Huddersfield Canal meanders underneath and alongside it. Tunnel End in Diggle marks the start of the Standedge Canal Tunnel, which at 3¼ miles long blasted through solid rock, is the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel in the UK.

Saddleworth also has its own local Museum in Uppermill, exhibiting many aspects of local history and culture with working displays, along side many other activities and events.

Read on to find out more about the heritage which has so much impact on Saddleworth today.

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