Most places derive their culture and identity from their location and this is as true of Saddleworth as anywhere else. This beautifully remote hill and moorland landscape sits on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire - and like most borderlands, remains fiercely independent of both these neighbours. Its heritage draws most from its industrial past, but agriculturally it outlives the Industrial Revolution and farms in the area are as commonplace today as they always have been.

Weavers’ cottages were succeeded by the numerous textile mills of the Industrial Revolution, which paved the way for the construction of the canal and railway. This rich local history can be discovered through the Museum, libraries or Historical Society. Although much has evolved since its conception centuries ago, the Saddleworth of today still plays host to a set villages each as confident of its own acquired identity as the next - set amongst stunning valley landscapes tucked between beautifully barren moorlands, local traditions and a strong sense of community are the two ideals here which prevail.
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